Tips For Sod Installation In Calgary

In an effort to save money on a sod installation Calgary homeowners often decide to tackle the job themselves. A healthy lawn is the framework for a beautiful home, but it’s not as easy as it may first appear. Because of extremes in Calgary weather, problems abound that affect the look of lawns, such as bare spots, water pockets, soil erosion and other difficulties. The right sod installation gives a lawn a healthy start to defend against this type of weather abuse. Attempting a do-it-yourself approach may not be the best choice for a healthy lawn.


Where The Work Begins: Your Soil

Many Calgary homes have hard clay soil. The beginning soil where sod needs to be laid may contain rocks and numerous weed seeds, as well as an uneven surface. The soil will have to be graded and rototilled to break up existing weeds before any sod laying can begin. A starter fertilizer or loam may be put on the soil surface to give sod a better growing environment.


The Quality Of The Sod

Sod products may look alike, but they can differ greatly. Sod should be freshly cut, matched to your weather zone, and with a sufficient root ball attached, so that the sod has the best chance to take root and grow strong.

Homeowners who are only having a part of their lawn replaced with new sod may want to have their existing lawn analyzed first, so that the new sod will blend as seamlessly as possible in color and quality with the existing lawn.


The Laying Of The Sod

How the sod is laid is also important. Professionals usually lay sod in a staggered pattern, with seams joined tightly. This is so that seams will be less noticeable the first few weeks, and edges will have a natural, rough appearance.

If your landscape is set on a hill, any sod that is laid on the hill needs to be laid left to right, to avoid soil erosion. A sod roller will be used after placement to tamp down the roots and eliminate air pockets.

Watering should begin soon after sod is rolled. If sod is being installed all over the landscape, sod may be watered in one area while workers are laying it in another. Ground beneath the sod must be kept moist instead of allowing it to dry out. This is crucial for at least the first two weeks of growth.

If you are planning to do a sod installation Calgary professionals can perform the work more quickly and efficiently than if you try to do it yourself. The difference will be noticeable over time in the appearance of a healthy lawn.


Hire Professionals for Residential and Professional Painting Jobs

paintersbignoldIn Calgary painting jobs are everywhere.  Whether it is a new structure that needs painting or an old one that requires repainting, you will find a lot of painting jobs in Calgary.  For this reason, it is not unusual to find that many painting companies have sprung forth here and there and provides residential and bignold commercial painters who are professionally skilled in this trade aspect.

The painting of structures, whether it is a home, a building, a commercial complex, a monument, or any type of structure is necessary because color is an important part of our lives.  Color not only helps in identifying building structures but they also help set the mood for what lies in the structure.  Whether it is a home, a production line, an office, or a showroom, color helps set the mood for these spaces.  Surely, you would not want an office room to be set in pastel tranquil colors as it gives off a sleepy ambiance.  Nor would you want your bedroom to be in bright lively colors as it gives you that energetic feel.

Of course, color is a matter of preference.  How you choose the color of your home, your business, and the rooms within them is up to you.  Nevertheless, when it comes to coloring them, it is best that you leave the painting job to the professionals as not only can they accomplish the painting job in lesser time, but they also yield better results.

If you are having your home painted or repainted, these days, the modern color exterior painters house review painting used are bright and vibrant colors.  Also, more noticeably, the painters interior house painting color are still the flat or semi-gloss pastel colors for that more tranquil and relaxing vibe.  Then again, this is still a matter of preference as the painters interior painting color will always be under the discretion of the homeowner.

If you want to do a DIY painting yourself but do not have the necessary skill to have good results, make sure to do the painting where your paintwork will not be seen by others like guests or visitors.  You can start practicing your paintwork on such spaces.  If your results are unsatisfactory, at least no one will see them.  For living rooms, dining rooms, and the exterior of your home, make sure you hire professionals so that the necessary results are achieved and save yourself from scrutiny at the same time.