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Sandra_photo_onlyAbout The Author — Sandra McLean Cutler

Dwarf & Unusual Conifers Coming of Age
A Guide to Mature Garden Conifers

Barton-Bradley Crossroads Publishing Co.

Sandra McLean Cutler is a dedicated gardener, an avid birdwatcher, rock collector and artist, and is a member of the American Conifer Society.

Sandra and her husband Bob have converted a suburban plot of lawn, brambles and woods into a thriving four-season garden with rock gardens, water features, and several thousand different plants. Her love of gardening leaves little time for her second passion, watercolor painting, so Sandra expresses her artistic talents by employing irregular forms, complimentary colors and contrasting textures to create natural art. Attracting wild birds is a major focus in this delightful botanical hideaway.Their home is on a deep 2½ acre lot adjacent to a nature preserve near Cleveland, Ohio.