Dwarf & Unusual Conifers Coming Of Age A Guide To Mature Garden Conifers


The Gotelli Collection of Dwarf & Slow Growing Conifers
The United States National Arboretum, Washington, D.C.

A must-have reference tool for home gardeners and landscape professionals.

  • See what dwarf conifers look like when they ‘grow up’?
  • Learn how to care for dwarf conifers

Written in a reader-friendly style, filled with extensive photos and 350+ descriptions of dwarf conifers and unusual conifers. 365 color photos provide examples of mature sizes, forms, colors and close-ups of foliage.

Why settle for common conifers? Especially ones that soon become overgrown, engulfing garden beds, sidewalks and windows in the process? There are hundreds of dwarf conifers and unusual slow-growing conifers. Cutler’s Dwarf Conifer book is the guide you need when you make your landscaping choices.